Please note, this schedule is still being finalized and may shift slightly.

Logistics of the Class

Faculty, librarians, staff, and students at institutions participating in the beta evaluation of Constellate may attend our Build Your Own Class and Jupyter Book workshop, taught by Nathan Kelber.  It is a 3-session, 1-week workshop.  We will run identical sessions (morning and afternoon) on Tuesday, July 13, Thursday, July 15, and Friday, July 16.

We recommend that you have either attended one of our Introduction to Text Analytics classes (the next one will begin the week of July 19) or otherwise be comfortable with Python and Jupyter Notebooks.  You do not need to be comfortable with Git or have an integrated development environment (IDE).

Please register for the workshop to receive the class log-in information and password for accessing the recordings.

The sessions will start at 10 am and 3:30 pm Eastern.  You are welcome to attend either session on each day, as best fits your schedule.

  • Tuesday, July 13: Installation Party
  • Thursday, July 15: Working with Your Own Juptyer Book
  • Friday, July 16: Add Your Own Notebooks


Recordings will be posted below the day after each class.

In Tuesday's session, we install software!

  • Tuesday, July 13 Morning Session Video (and the chat transcript)
  • Tuesday, July 13 Afternoon Session Video (and the chat transcript)

Thursday's session is about getting git, Jupyter Notebooks, and Jupyter Book running together so we can start creating our own class and textbook:

  • Thursday, July 15 Morning Session Video (and the chat transcript)
  • Thursday, July 15 Afternoon Session Video (and the chat transcript)

Friday's session will have us creating and adding our own Notebooks:

  • Thursday, July 16 Morning Session Video (and the chat transcript)
  • Thursday, July 16 Afternoon Session Video (and the chat transcript)

About the Instructor

Nathan Kelber is the Community Engagement Lead for JSTOR Labs and the Director of the Text Analysis Pedagogy Institute. In addition to his teaching role with Constellate, he has taught text analysis and digital humanities courses at the University of Maryland, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Wayne State University.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at or via the Slack channel (let us know if you want to be added to the Slack channel).

Time Zone Conversions

For you convenience, some common time zone conversions for our sessions are below, but please double check for yourself!

10 am EDT Session 3:30 pm EDT Session
9 am in Chicago 2:30 pm in Chicago
7 am in Tucson 12:30 pm in Tucson
7 am in San Francisco 12:30 pm in San Francisco
3 pm in London 8:30 pm in London
7:30 pm in New Delhi 1 am in New Delhi (next day)
10 pm in Manila 3:30 am in Manila (next day)
Midnight in Sydney 5:30 am in Sydney (next day)