Technical Details

Can I use R?

Absolutely. Our Binder environment supports using R in Jupyter notebooks and RStudio. We have chosen to start developing Python Jupyter notebooks first, but we would love to see community-developed, open educational resources created in R. If you'd like to help us get started, see How can I create/adapt a

Technology Driving Constellate

Constellate uses the following software: Ghost -- a publishing platform that hosts our “about” and help pagesAWS -- our platform is built in the cloud and is currently running in Amazon Web Services.BinderHub -- the web application behind our Analytics LabJupyter -- our code tutorials are all written in

Dataset Options

Constellate provides a number of dataset options: Datasets in CSV of just bibliographic metadata. We allow individuals to download datasets of 25,000 items (or 50,000 if your institution participates in our beta program) within the Constellate dataset builder.  We cap creation at 10 of these datasets a day

Developer Quickstart

This page is intended to answer questions that developers, or other technical people, may have about Constellate. How do I login?Navigate to the dataset dashboard and click login via MyJSTOR. If you don’t have a MyJSTOR account, you will be prompted to create one from the MyJSTOR account

Constellate Search Syntax

Constellate provides metadata and full-text search across the 30+ million documents we have aggregated. Use the search filters on the left hand side of the builder screen to filter results. Keyword search operatorsThe keyword query field accepts several operators: + or AND:  signifies AND operation| or OR: signifies OR operation- negates

Constellate Client

The Constellate tutorial notebooks include examples that use a dataset identifier to retrieve data from Constellate's backend systems and make it available in the notebook environment for analysis. This is accomplished through a client library we have developed and make available, e.g. import tdm_client. This client is intentionally

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